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Business trip to 福岡, the day 2.

Since I had read 三国志 till late midnight, I felt sleepy when I got up. That book is really intriguing. Frankly speaking, It's just a sort of ラノベ, but therefore it can fascinate many people for long long time. Anyway, 三国志 is one of common knowledges, and I'm getting to know it. It obviously helps me to cultivate myself.

Finished today's interview, had meetings on the next plan for a certain service; it's exciting also for me because it's what I have insisted that we had to work on. I'm pleased we'll finally start that. I regret that I was not able to handle it by myself, though.

We went to もつ繁 at 赤坂 to have モツ鍋 with some of colleagues. They provide a rare, at least for us, type of it: soy source-based one to be cooked from モツ to vegetables one after another, not cooked at a whole in advance. Each of us said "pretty yummy" at every time we ate. It's the best part of 福岡 that we can always have delicious foods there.

There are various view points in people that are, I think, from how far they overlook goals. There should be both; if there was only one-sided foresight, we would go on a wrong way without notice. What we should do is to compare the difference and discuss it to adjust opinions onto the best point for the future. It is why there are professions of many genres of work in one company.