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Business trip to 福岡, the day 3. I'm being there till tomorrow.

To wrap up result, I looked back and over the whole reports of interviews. Some achieved high outcome, others did less. What indeed to do for me is to make the level of achievement from all the staff higher as possible, at least than ever. In terms of it, I haven't completely been able to accomplish my goal.

After work, we went to 鯖郎 at 春吉 to enjoy mackerel. I've been there four months ago, and really moved by the dishes they set. The restaurant started near the ones that are famous for mackerel, but I'm convinced the one we visited today is better and, what is more, there are fewer people than the rivalries.

I'm going to read 三国志 more from the third volume of it. It'll be a month which is represented by it.