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I felt a solid response from interviews to engineers there and meeting with managers to adjust our eye level. On the other hand, I've been able to realize problem that is hard to solve. I need to involve all the key people to make us higher than now.

昼食はひらお。They have got popular year by year. Many people were making a longer line than the last time I visited. We tried to understand the algorithm of the arrangement of 天麩羅 to many people. It was really complicated, however they looked to easily do it well.

It's comparably easy to encourage only engineers to hustle. What really difficult is to pursue whole company toward the vision. To do so, I must spread my ability of involvement beyond distance of profession, belief, and capability. Our mission is to provide value to customers, which requires so called all-out fight.

I backed to Shibuya around at 9:00 p.m., and went to ひで to have おでん, and found it absolutely great place. I have known it before long years, but I've been there for the first time, today. 円山町という土地柄、花街感があって敷居が高い感じなのだけど、they welcome us frankly and felt comfortable, and おでんがとても美味しかった。

多言語が使える作家でも、作品を書くとなるとたいていはほぼひとつの言語だけで書くことがおおい。I feel it's too conservative, although I guess it's because of marketing, だけど表現者としてはもっと自由に書いてもいいように思う。そういう作品を読みたいなあ。そのためにもいろんな言語を読めるようにならないと。