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朝起きて、平日に読めてなかった日経新聞やNewsPicksの記事などを読む。I need to make it a daily habit to read news. そうしているうちに、I remembered I had been subscribed to The Economist. It's a bit difficult for me and longer than I can read every week, but I'll read as many articles as possible to learn English and world affairs.

Had a lunch at 鶏舎 to which we went almost every weekend. I'm always impressed by how they work cooperatively. They don't communicate each other, but can cook for many people correctly and quickly. I see kind of beauty in their efficient move.

Walked to 代官山 and visited 代官山蔦屋書店 to browse new releases. There were so many people that we leave there and went to a cafe near 代官山 St. Having a cup of coffee and コーヒーゼリー, I was reading this week's volume of The Economist. I found it was more interesting than I expected.

日本酒飲みたいなってんで池尻の酒屋まで行こうとしていたら、途中、近所の酒屋の、ワインをたくさん置いてあるところに入ってみたら、日本酒もかなりたくさん、しかもいいものが置いてある。I felt regret why I had known it. 七本鎗の装飾がおしゃれな感じのものと、玉川の生酛純米を買う。

No sooner had I drunk the Sake I bought than I backed home. 玉川の生酛純米は、竹鶴とかあのあたりを思わせる濃厚な旨味。それに加えて、さらに完成度の高いバランスで、初めて飲んだのだけど感心した。

As I had too much Sake, 夕食のあと『後藤新平の「仕事」 (後藤新平の全仕事)』を読んでいたら、寝てしまった。起きてから、さらに続きを読み、読了。I sometime feel that I'm boxed in a contracted thought. My thought is narrow-minded when I'm absorbed in daily jobs. I must wider it to strive to achieve a higher goal.