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Woke up at 8:15 a.m. and practiced meditation for fifteen minutes. I hardly concentrated on it, though. Random thoughts, that is said "monkey mind", disturbed me from being mindful.

Today, I wrapped up the results of interviews of engineers and got some insight from them. Having solved one issue, another one emerged. Endless step to proceed the organization toward the brilliant future.

I, however, must start committing the essential job for me, which piled up while I've been into obligatory and pressing "tasks". It's actually a phony when we feel that we do hard work with such tasks. Such tasks are definitely important, but what we really focus on is always other thing. We must avoid being satisfied with the feeling that we work hard on what we can do.

Whenever I attend at meetings with executives, I always feel like I'm inferior than them. I need to be able to make efficient proposal to them.

Bought two bottles of sake. The one, Suiryu, is full of umami and the other, Tamagawa, is fresh and rich. Tamagawa is brewed by a man from England. He is the first man who became Touji that is responsible to the taste of sake. I found recently he did really good job. It was exciting!

It was absolutely disgusting that certain people exploited the public airwave to force their employees to apologize to them and the TV station permitted such an offer from someone in the trouble. There was no true audience. It was just to meet the private demand of those people. I think they're crazy as public figures. I hate TV.