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Got up and soon meditated for 25 minutes. Meditation is not immediately effective, but I think it has changed my mind definitely. I'm now able to discern soon after my thought rambles out from the straight way. I'm less bound to useless obsession and freer from stress than I used to be. It's due to the habit.

I saw there must have been a contingency no matter how much we consider a solution for a problem. Having heard such an example, I felt really impressed by it. What I need to realize is not to loosen myself till I complete a task. That kind of capability is, at least now, far from one of me.

Backed home and had dinner with the spouse, who had been cooked for the four successive day, and write a blog post on books I had read for recent years. I know I don't deserve to do so, but I'm sure it's helpful for someone who are in a situation like which I used to be at.

Corporate and management is really "interesting". I understood it from a messy conflict that attracted a lot of attention in our industry. Nobody knows which will be correct from the view point at future. Only the result shows it.