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Got up as usual but did laundry, so didn't meditate.

As the task which I had been working on was finishing, I started setting agendas on what to do this year. We tend to be trapped by such tasks as we have to deal with soon. However, what we indeed need to do is agenda-setting at first. It is to prioritize tasks to decide what to do for an organization. Whether we do it or not is critical for the outcome in the year. Motivating people by it is a primary duty for a manager, I'm convinced.

That's why today I single-mindedly talked to people who would work with me and wrote direction documents.

After work, I went to a drinking with familiar engineers at Sushi Hattori. Though I was invited for who had canceled suddenly, I had a great time with them.

Among those excellent people, I couldn't help feeling I was inferior than them. They are overwhelmingly more productive than us as engineers and more responsible to their business. I woke up to it again.

Backed home and saw a couple of potteries had arrived. I ordered them at an EC site which is of a pottery shop at which I bought another pottery the other day. They are, anyway, look cute. I'm looking forward to putting cook in them.