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Got out from bed at 8:15 a.m. and did meditation for twenty minutes. Sloppy thoughts distracted me from concentrating on my mind. I can't well do it when I have more things than I leave aside. Have more to learn.

Soon after I had talked about a certain company with a colleague at lunch and got known about that they were finally approved their application to go public. Want to say congratulations on it to ex-colleagues there. The road on which they'll go might be rocky but I believe they can overcome it. Leaving aside others' problem, I should make our company grow larger as possible.

Be that as it may, I learned much from their financial report because I can guess the situation better than others outside. I realized I needed to get accustomed to scanning such kind of report quickly and investigating deeply. It requires more practices of reading, I think.

After having dinner, I bought bottles of sake at Deguchiya that held a good lineup.

Well, it's certain that it's absolutely a good choice to have moved to the company that I'm at now.