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Go out from bed and 昼食のため和利道へ。Wondered to see those who asked a clerk for an acknowledgment because I felt it was bothering to do so just for a small payment for a lunch. It just might be a good way to get rich.

読みさしの『正書法のない日本語 (そうだったんだ!日本語)』を読み、読了。んでもって、新聞と今週のThe Economistを読む。後者は、とても一週間では読み切れない。If I try to read it through, I can't read other books. Which is stressful for me. なので、最初のサマリーや特集は必ず読むようにして、あとは文化欄的なとこはマスト、ぐらいの気持ちで。I hope I gradually get accustomed to reading it.

Makers' Baseへ。S氏とレーザーカッターの講習を受ける。I hadn't been so much excited by it, but I found it was easier and more interesting than I expected. I have a complex I'm not good at treating physical things. It may be a saving for those who are like me.

Had a dinner at ミート矢澤 which 前回もS氏ときたことがある。今回はイチボステーキを食べた。美味しい。

Everything that can happen will happen eventually. I learned much from those figures.