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Had a periodical discussion on our lineup of businesses. I wish I could make some valuable proposal to them. In fact, I'm inferior to others. Need more robust experience or way of thinking.


夕食の後、The Economistの続きを読む。寝不足でしんどいので、しばらく寝る。

起きて、買った酒を飲みながら『有限性の後で: 偶然性の必然性についての試論』の続き。いいたいことはわかるけど、前提に賛同できないので、腑に落ちない。キリの良い所まで読んで、『東京湾岸畸人伝』へ。Really intriguing. I'd like to read more books like that. I can't help being attracted by lives of people who are far from me. They always teach me unknown things.