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ギャングみたいな集団に手斧を投げまくられる夢を見て、awakened by my voice screaming. Terrible experience for the first time for recent years. そのせいもあって、いささかshortage of sleepを感じる。それもあって、メディテーションを30分みっちり。Felt relieved from the bad feeling.

Since I would appear on an event stage, I had an interview to people who had been worked on a Web service on which we had been focusing last year. Which was mainly about how they started the service and how they were at a severe time that then they used to be in. I got impressed by the talk which they gave.

チケットキャンプというサービスを運営している会社とうちのminneとで、CEO・CTO対談みたいなイベント。From the first, we were drinking beer, so I got drunk by the time I was talking in front of audience. いろいろ楽しいお話ができたり、had a chance to retrospect my thoughts on our service.