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I was not able to get a quiet sleep; I got up often and felt that I had been dreamt all the night long. It might be due to drinking last night. Anyway woke up at usual time and practiced meditation. Random thoughts came into my brain and distracted me from concentration.

I got sure that I had been negligent in an endeavor that I actually ought to have done. Just working hard on a certain issue is not necessarily enough for me; I, as an engineer, need to cultivate myself by studying technical things again. If not, I will be left at the point at which people won't be in the near future.

In the long term, it's not a bad investment that I pay a long time to study hard. Toward the ultimate purpose, it must go on gradually. No shortcut should be there. I, however, can't help thinking that I haven't grown as I have been supposed to be. I have to admit I feel rushed to see what people are doing.

Wrote two blog posts on the books I read recently. Time to end up to read such books randomly and now I must learn more practical knowledge. Need to set a firm goal that has a clear period and to spread the range of interchanges with people in the industry.

...Haven't fallen asleep yet, now it's already deep midnight, being detracted by random thoughts. Drinking sake, I'm reading a book on English history. I definitely pursue the highest score of TOEIC by the summer this year. Achieving the goal sounds unnecessary for me, I don't know why. I feel there's no other way except for it.