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Feb. 2, 2016

It was right before the dawn that I fell asleep at long last. Feeling very sleepy when I got up this morning. Did meditation for 20 or so minutes. I might have been almost asleep then.

Went to Shinjuku to attend a wrap-up meeting of a group company for the last month. I was impressed that they looked grooved and highly motivated. It must be because the person in charge on their service successfully runs the team with an effective way.

At every start of month when I had to work on many tasks, I want to streamline what we have to do. Productivity matters for us to achieve much more outcome with restricted resource and time. I wish there was a button that allows us to get results with one push. To realize such a magic is included in my mission.

So interested in usage of multiple languages that I have read some books written by those who are practicing to write in foreign language for them. リービ英雄, Ian Hideo Levy, is one of such writers. He was born in US and his mother tongue is English, but he is now famous by novels written in Japanese. I was reading his essays today.

Needless to say, his Japanese is far better than my English; he won several prizes for his writings in Japanese. I, however, want to get known about how I feel if I could get to write in English well. The habit to write daily journal is not bad. But then what I actually need to do is to write an essay in a daily basis.