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Feb. 3, 2016

Suddenly I woke up to the fact that I had been just considering an issue only on myself. It was actually not only on me, though. How immature I am even now after some experience through practices during sort of tough time. This must have been because I was not able to correctly estimate my real ability. In fact, the surrounding people have aided me to do all the things.

You often get discouraged to find that you don't perform like what you used to be in the former environment; it indicates the fact that your achievements are owed not only by yourself but also by those who are around. Although you can't work well without the help, you tend to miss it and to have overconfidence in your ability. I heard someone said like that.

It's certain that you don't have to forget you are always facing a danger that someone would put away the ladder by which you climbed up the wall. If you only think about it, however, you are just absorbed in an obsession that prevents you from looking around and keeping familiar relationship with others. Appropriate balance is required among people.

I felt sure of myself to be well in terms of the issued above by the time when I had got to the fact. Nevertheless, I can positively take it an opportunity that helps me to grow. Jump beyond such a wall triggers certain progress.