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Feb. 5, 2016

An annual report of a certain company discouraged me, showing a high outcome with both their mainline business and additional ones from M&A. I don't know how I can achieve such an ideal result for a company which is supposed to grow rapidly. I, as a person in charge of technical things, am absolutely inferior to them, even though I'm not immediately responsible for business.

Of course, it's my responsibility to motivate people to accomplish such a big goal. However, I wonder, at the same time, if I could develop my ability on it, while I do the things that I'm working on now. There may be an unsurpassable chasm between where I am now and a ground that I ideally must be at. I'm sure that I must grow more.

I'm now working on improvement of search strategy of a service. It requires our team to learn more difficult knowledge about a theory of the domain. Thus I ordered people working for the project to read several books that provide us a basic techniques for it. It's why I started reading Introduction to Information Retrieval again.

When I read it for the first time when I had worked for the former employee, I had felt that I was not good at such a topic; I felt woefully inferior to the people who were brilliant and good at computer science. Apart from the situation, now I'm a leader of engineers and, of course, I have been experiencing many things, the book doesn't look so difficult which used to be for me.

Anyway, I read through the first chapter of the book. I'll continue to read it by one chapter at a day.

Bought two bottles of sake both of which are not diluted by water, that is, 原酒. I found, however, adjusted ones are better for me than ones that I bought today.