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Feb. 8, 2016

I'm getting unconfident in my ability in terms of general context apart from the issues that I'm working on now. I might rather have to admit that I haven't been able to deal with even daily issues that is full of familiar context. It might indicate that I'm getting stuck into Peter's Law.

In fact, it may not be directly my fault, though. The importance of the part where I'm struggling may be so small in the whole that I feel a limitation on my way. However, I must admit that it is from my weakness. If I had overwhelming ability, there was no such wall in front of me.

I have a sense of inferiority to those who achieve a high outcome. Precisely saying, I don't care about anything if it is just about myself. I basically feel almost all the things are none of my business. However, there are people for whom I'm responsible, so I can't be indifferent about my lack of ability.

Just to study and act hard can mitigate the anxiety. On the other hand, I must have general skills that help me to live anywhere. Which must eventually lead to individual performance.