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Feb. 9, 2016

Today I felt I had been clenched my teeth and it had caused a disgusting feeling around my jaw. A Web page says it comes from stress. I wonder I've been exposed to such a situation without recognition. Need to take care of myself in case it is true. It might be possible that I were actually under a lot of stress.

Tolerability against stress doesn't show linear line, another Web page says, which has been mentioned on Twitter these days. It shows rather intermittent curves, decreasing suddenly along with the increase of stress. Those who act like there's nothing wrong under high pressure can suddenly get down right beyond the chasm.

I regard myself as comparatively tough at such a situation. However, it can be overconfidence in my capability. There's no person who don't care anything at all. I'm not an exception, of course. Looking back on myself, I have been completely into work, thinking about how I can cope with various issues even in weekends.

I should stop and reflect myself to rebalance my focus on things around me.

I cooked for the dinner after a long while today.