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Feb. 10, 2016

The pay day. I bought two books; one is an introduction to Cryptography and another is on Esperanto. I'm going to write other day about why I bought the former book. I'll show the reason why I bought the latter book here.

I've been interested in usage of multiple languages. It's about neither translation nor to use foreign languages. What I want to know is how I feel when I write about something that needs to be long in multiple languages, switching those languages in a fairly random manner, with the same level of fluency through the languages.

There's a author from abroad who writes in Japanese; リービ英雄, Ian Hideo Levy, is a typical example, whom I mentioned in this diary on the other day. It's even interesting, but what I say here is not such an usage of language. It's not just writing in foreign language, but doing it in multiple languages at the same time.

No book teaches me how I can feel with it based on writers' experience. I need to get it to learn multiple languages and practice writing in them. That's why I bought an Esperanto book today to learn another language except for Japanese and English.

Had a dinner at たもいやんせ, a Miyazaki food restaurant.