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Feb. 11, 2016

The president of the company declared that we must achieve a growth individually and it would lead to the growth of whole company. He called it "organic growth." Responding to the declaration, the HR district modified an assessment system to encourage the employees to study something that could help them grow.

I've been studying harder than anyone in the company, I'm convinced. However, I'm sure I have a lot to learn. To pass some exams or accomplish the highest score ever can be achievements along with the company goal. That's why I started reading an introductory book on the Internet security.

Looking back, I've been interested in and learning technical things through studying and real experience for over 10 years. I learned a lot. However, learning by experience tend to be pick-ups from various knowledges. There's no structured method of learning. It causes me lack of basic knowledge and skill. To study for some exams can help me.

Today, I walked Yoyogi to Shinjuku and had a dinner at 鼎.