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Feb. 12, 2016

The ability to think realistically and carefully estimate the workload, and manage to do things without a jump to overreach can be a weakness to me. Some of capable people in the industry are those who can go bold with great ambition. It's just so-called an entrepreneurship and I'm not such a type of one.

However, I've been thinking these days that I have to overcome it. I wonder how I can achieve it. It's more difficult to think in such a manner than to think "correctly." The problem is not about "correctness", but about "convincing-ness." Which is because we all never know what will be correct in the future.

On the other hand, I don't want to hype a pseudo vision. It's certain there should be those who are hyping empty topics around. Saying continuously occasionally can make it a truth. I, however, don't want to predict the future in such a way. It's difficult to me to be bold and decent at the same time.

I anyway need to widen my range of thoughts. It's too narrow to be what I really should be. For that, I must learn and practice much harder than ever.