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Feb. 14, 2016

After I reached the age of 30, I've been thinking an issue that one will live longer than expected. One who achieves a fruitful accomplishment in their youth might be forgotten after decades of years. It teaches us the length of our life. We tend to estimate a value based on a short span of our life. However, life goes on after determination.

Thinking of historical person, they lived long after their glory days. You definitely can call someone to mind. In the same way, you'll live longer than you expect now. You, of course, understand precisely how long it will be. However, understanding is always different from realizing it. You'll absolutely realize it at the time when you'll be an elder.

I make a point to think like so with a long distance thinking on my life. Histories give me such a perspective. It's important for such a view to memorize when an event occurred and how long people lived. Only precise knowledge allows us to understand the length of our life. It's the most important nutrition of learning history.

Today is The St. Valentine's Day. I got a box of chocolate from the spouse. It's of MarieBelle that is based in New York and located a store only in Kyoto in Japan.

After bought it at Ginza, we walked around there from Hibiya to Marunouchi. Had a dinner at a restaurant in Tokyo St.

I was shocked by a board set near Nakameguro St. It said that Exile, a Japanese dance unit and recently it had moved into a large scale of entertainment business, had been with Nakameguro. I got convinced that it was long before when Keigo Oyamada had a radio program, "From Nakameguro to Everywhere." It's the defeat of subculture that I used to be absorbed in.