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Feb. 15, 2016

I used to be absorbed into maps. A book which contained many maps of whole the world was gave out to each one at elementary school and I got really fascinated with it. I looked into it whenever I had a time to be killed. Thanks to the custom, I now have many knowledge about geography. It definitely cultivated my knowledge.

The book on the maps of Tokyo which I bought yesterday reminded me of the preference in my childhood. I remembered the wonderful feeling to get many knowledges from it. It's a true pleasure for me that I can gain knowledge one after another along with the progress of reading it.

I love Kyoto very much in terms of its geography. However, Tokyo has a different enticement compered to Kyoto because it has many slopes which have been formed the complexity of its geography. Recently, it's a kind of fashion to walk around the towns in Tokyo, being influenced by Tamori's TV program. I want to say that I'm not affected by it at all.

Walking around the city is really intriguing for me. Now that I learned a lot from the book, I feel thrilled by the next opportunity to wander.