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Feb. 16, 2016

When I study French with Duolingo, a free app to learn foreign languages, by translating French sentences to English, I feel confused and tend to put French words instead of English. It indicates that I'm not able to look at the languages objectively, perceiving both of them as foreign languages from the view point of Japanese.

I'm getting accustomed to English by writing daily journal on this blog, but I haven't actually get used to it, I found by it. There's a long way in front of me to go.

A Japanese blogger once wrote that all of us should have managed a drink meet-up. If we did it, nobody would complain about unnecessary things like "it was too expensive", "no good foods" or so. She said it was an essential experience for leadership. I empathize with her thought. However, it's not until we are in charge of such a task that we understand how hard it is.

I reflected myself again, reminding the lesson from the blog post of hers.