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Feb. 17, 2016

Today I Learned (TIL) has been a fashion in the tech world. There's no shortcut to learn. Continuous endeavor leads to great accomplishment after a while. We, Web engineers, must keep on studying till we retire. Good habit will help up to do it. I wonder I have to practice TIL.

I've always had many areas that I've wanted to know. They are not structured and changing again and again. It's just a cherry-picking, though. Need more systematical way of learning. Exams may be useful for the purpose, if it couldn't be so much useful as my outcome would increase much more.

Mimicking a way of one's doing who is superior to me is probably efficient to learning. We often ignore other's saying, while we're realizing its importance. To know about something is definitely not same as to be able to do it. Just doing is truly important. So I think I have to take after others.

That's why I backed straight to home and started studying, not going to drinking, though the spouse hadn't been home since she would have a drinking with her colleagues. Today I learned some of French words with Duolingo app and a basics of information security. I'll continue the effort.