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Feb. 18, 2016

All of sudden, the fog veiling the sight of me and had been making me nervous vanished and I got a clear view to things that I should work on. Immediately before that, I had been in a gloomy mood, I don't know why. It was just after I had a lunch. It may be just caused by hungriness.

I often regret that I should have studied some basic knowledges which are required when I progress my projects. Computer science is the most important one among them. However, it's no use to lament over my negligence in the past. What I have to do is just studying hard from now.

It can be said that I can enjoy learning new ideas because I don't sufficiently know about things that are common sense for those who have studied in their youth at university or so. There's much room for me to improve myself, dare I say. An inferior one can be superior to other in terms of their possibility of growth.

Today's sake.