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Feb. 19, 2016

Inferiority feeling has driven me, I become aware. I have felt that there have been always many people around me who are absolutely superior to me. They are whom I actually catch up with. A gap between me and them is too large for me to fill up. However, I need to somehow achieve it.

If they are those who are far from me, I don't have such a feeling. If so, whatever they can do, it's none of my business. If I regard them as those who are at really far place, I don't have to feel like that. In actually, they are not so far from me, at least in terms of that they are supposed to be.

It's probably crucial that one can feel such a distance from others. No distance can't encourage me to grow. If I can't feel the gap, I can't bring out our ability. For it, I have to realize that I'm definitely inferior to others, and have not to be indifferent about how others are brilliant.