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Feb. 21, 2016

It's difficult to acquire skills of both expertness and generality. To focus on a certain domain naturally prevents us from taking care of another one. Time is given to everyone as same. We can't easily work on several domains at the same time. Generalist might be just another example of expert.

There're those who look like that they have achieved the both. Generally speaking, the top of the organization which is strongly focusing on some speciality is supposed to be an expert of a domain, being a generalist as a manager. IT is one of the typical industry which it is applicable to.

The strength of mine that I'm a seasoned tech person is continuously annealed. If there's not, I'll be no use in the organization. However, it must not be an idea that I'm one of operators who just look over tech people. I'm not supposed to just have charge in it.

Managing a company is not same as operating it. If you think your mission in such a manner, you are just a person in charge. This morning, I read a management scholar whom I had respected said that in a magazine. I remembered I was reproved my saying for sounding like such an idea.

I need to deal with expertness as a tech person and a leader who is in charge of tech and contributes managerial determination from the point of view to grow the company.