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Feb. 23, 2016

Today is also a day of drink meet-up; I drunk with CTO's of certain companies. I learned much from them. We are on different stages each other, but I got a lot from their talking. I personally retrospected my behavior in comparison of a firm management system and a rapidly changing startup culture and felt responsible for my shortage.

I have felt sort of limitation in my ability. To disrupt it, I need to have a communication with ones in other industry but near us, for instance, automobile or TV game industry. It must be a breakthrough for me to discuss the future of technology based on experience in each fields.

We consented on it and decided to call one who were in such an industry. So far I don't have any connection with ones, so I need to get in touch with ones like that. We, IT industry people, definitely can learn much from them. I'd like to have an opportunity to discuss with them.