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Feb. 26, 2016

I don't know about HipHop at all except for a few groups. My nickname "antipop" was taken from Antipop Consortium, but I got to listen to it because they had dropped their works from WARP which was famous for advanced music, for example, Aphex Twin.

A TV show that featured freestyle rap battle had been taken up by a blog post and we watched some episodes of it. As mentioned above, I didn't know about such style of music, but I felt impressed by it. I was not able to get noticed details of rhyme that sometime quoted phrases from HipHop anthems, however I was able to detect who was well by their voices.

They seem to store many vocabularies and combinations of them in a daily basis. Moreover, they can be bold in front of many audience, so I think they must be brilliant especially in using words and can be a great speaker in business context who persuade people to buy their products.

I'd like to be such a good speaker and admire those who are quick-minded. It can be achieved by continuous daily practice, I'm convinced to see the show.