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Feb. 28, 2016

Still studying Hip Hop. Watched the episodes of Freestyle Dungeon and read an introductory book to the Hip Hop history. Now on a book whose author is one of the "monster"s in the TV program. It's interesting for me because I didn't know such an underground scene that they were created on.

They are extremely stoic in the culture and to grow their skills. I feel it's alike to our Web engineers' culture. We both are training hard to become more skillful. Personal ability does not only matter, but also crew does. Self-organized manner of actions eventually result in group achievement. It sound like an ideal forming of people.

If so, I reflect myself that I have not practiced enough to be with top ones in our industry. Skill is the clearest criteria to detect who is superior. I need to work on it much more, even though our mission is not accomplish only by such an attitude.