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帰宅して、『折口信夫 - 日本の保守主義者 (中公新書)』を読む。


My eyes, dazzled by the air

With a girl who has floral hair,

Capture the sky shining vaguely,

Filled with the torch awesomely

Illustrated by painters in the Rococo era,

Rather than impressionists who prefer another.

Every time the sky glints,

She, at the same time, grins

Toward me.

If ever I would be with someone,

Then she was, who would get me run again.

Ocean Current

For a long while,

I was in a journey to end up with a toil,

Wandering from some to other,

With my heart vacillating in vain

Without any purpose to achieve.

Found out, finally, I was washed ashore by ocean current,

After a sail around islands.

I'm now convinced

It was a straight way to where you were.